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Jewellery from My Childhood

Do you remember your favourite jewellery piece from your childhood? To be honest, I didn’t think I had any.

Luckily, some of the childhood photos I was looking through the other day refreshed my memory. Apparently, I loved brooches, rings and I was very proud to wear my watch. And I wore all of my jewellery at the same time. Unfortunately, all that has remained from my childhood ‘treasures’ is my very first golden earrings with three sky blue dots. This was a very special piece of jewellery to me as it was the only one made of precious metal. Although other accessories were mere bijouterie, they were still very precious to me because my Mum had brought these ‘treasures’ from her travels. Among my favourites was a brooch with red hearts, a necklace with colorful pears and apples and, of course, all kinds of rings that I would have won in lotteries in amusement parks.

All of my treasured jewellery pieces were kept in a beautiful small porcelain box. I loved opening the box and taking out my little treasures piece by piece to admire and try them on. The only thing that interested me more than my jewellery box was my Mum's treasure chest. It was a real adventure to take out all jewellery one by one, examine these closely and put them on. It felt like a magical ritual in which my Mum, my sister and I took part in. Each piece of jewellery had its own story which my Mum was willing to share and my sister and I were burning with impatience to hear. Some of these treasures were my Mum's souvenirs from trips, presents from friends or heritage from our grandmother. Among them was this most peculiar ring with marquise shape detail from green emeralds in the center and white diamonds around. This brings us to the topic of the next post - heirloom jewellery, which is the jewellery that is passed on through generations.

Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique (Elizabeth Taylor).

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