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After long years of specialising and working in financial industry, I had a sudden and quite unexpected encounter with jewellery. It excited me, charmed me and taught me to take notice of things that had seemed trivial and insignificant before. It felt like a breath of fresh air to me and I didn’t want to let it go. This is how Elegant Me Jewellery was born.


Here, I want to share this discovery with You.


Personally to me, jewellery has always been a way to create an emotion, express my personality and add final touches to my attire. It made me complete. It made me feel elegant.

Although not a jewellery maker myself, I have carefully selected all of my collections to represent my understanding of beauty and elegance. Some of the collections have also been ordered and created specifically on my request.


I hope You will find Your perfect piece of jewellery with Elegant Me Jewellery.

Two Dried Leaves

Elegant jewellery from silver with natural stones

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