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How to look after your gold plated jewellery

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I want to share with you how to take care of gold plated jewellery. Many of the recommendations apply to all jewellery in general.⁠

💎Always protect your jewellery from sharp blows, scratching, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold.⁠

💎Store your jewellery in a soft lined box or pouch with an anti tarnish strip. Try to keep items apart so they don't rub together.⁠

💎Never go swimming wearing your jewellery, as chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals and will erode gold jewellery. In general bathing in the shower, lake or sea with jewellery is not recommended.⁠

💎Avoid wearing while cleaning, gardening or performing sports activities.⁠

💎Do not let your jewellery come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume or hairspray. Use of a polishing cloth or strong jewellery cleaner is not recommended for gold plated jewellery.⁠

Our jewellery is delicate, please wear it with care🙏🙏🏼🙏🏽

If you have any questions, write in the comments, I will be happy to answer.⁠

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