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About Gold Plated Jewellery

🔎Gold plated means that some metal is coated with a thin layer of gold. My jewellery is made from silver plated with 18K gold.⁠ 🔎The gold layer is measured in microns. The layer should be at least 3 microns in order to have high quality of plating. In that way the gold colour will last longer. If plating is thinner jewellery starts to fade very quickly.⁠ 🔎Usually gold plating can be renewed.⁠

I test my jewellery. That means that I wear it myself and check the quality because I want you to have a pleasant shopping experience with Elegant Me Jewellery. ⁠ Was this information interesting to you?⁠ I look forward to your answers in the comments❣️⁠

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Unknown member
Jun 02, 2021

Pawnshops are basically that type of business where a secured loan facility is granted to the needy people on the fulfillment of the condition of keeping some personal property like or jewelry or gold watches as a security with the pawnshops.

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