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Why do I choose gold plated jewellery instead of gold or silver jewellery?⁠

💍For a long time, I only chose silver jewellery because I didn’t like gold colour. But at the moment gold jewellery looks more gorgeous, more impressive to me and in combination with natural stones looks more beautiful. I especially like the combinations of green and gold and dark blue and gold. These colours complement each other and create a special combination.⁠

💍 Silver jewellery very often oxidises, as probably many of you have experienced. Gold plated jewellery does not oxidise. In my future posts I will share how to refresh silver jewellery and how to take care for gold plated jewellery.⁠

👱‍♀️Gold plated jewellery is significantly cheaper than jewellery made from gold. For example, these earrings in a photo made from gold plated silver with genuine chalcedony stone cost 46 euros, while similar earrings from gold would cost about 160 euros. And they would look the same. This means that I can buy 4 different gold plated products for the same amount. I value jewellery not as an investment, but as possibility to create certain emotion, mood, to express my understanding of beauty and elegance. That’s why I choose diversity.⁠

And what do you choose?⁠

Leave your comment below, thank you🤗⁠

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