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Tips how to clean your silver jewellery

💫Silver jewellery should be kept in a dry place (the bathroom is not a suitable place) .⁠

💫Silver is a relatively soft metal, so jewellery should be kept separately so that it does not scratch each other.⁠ 💫Oxidised silver jewellery can be refreshed with a special soft cleaning cloth or special "cream". Gently rub your jewellery with the cream and leave for a couple of minutes. After that wash it under warm water and dry it with a soft cloth. ⁠ 💫 RECIPE of a special "cream": mix equal parts of cleaner CIF, dishwashing liquid Fairy and toothpaste containing fluoride.⁠ You can also use a special cleaning liquid for the jewellery, but I personally prefer better cleaning cloth.⁠ I have noticed that silver jewellery oxidises when it is kept in a box. When worn, the jewellery itself polishes into clothing, skin. ⁠ Was this information helpful to you?⁠ I look forward to your answers in the comments🤗⁠

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