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The Green Berry Collection

In anticipation of my first collection, I would like to shortly introduce each piece. All items in the collection are made from sterling silver plated with 18K yellow gold. I will write a separate blog post about silver plated gold jewellery shortly.

The first item in my collection is a choker type necklace. It is a close-fitting necklace with the chain comfortably surrounding the neck and a beautiful round shaped chalcedony stone capturing the eye. This necklace goes perfectly with any type of outfit: casual, business or occasion wear. It goes especially well with white shirts or summer dresses.

The other necklace is a Y shaped necklace with a pear shaped chalcedony. I find this necklace elegant and feminine, it looks its best if worn with low neckline dresses and shirts. This necklace is a perfect accessory to be worn with an evening dress at the theater, concert hall or restaurant.

The studs have been designed with an oval shaped chalcedony and are intended for everyday wear. The real beauty of the natural stone is emphasized by the simplicity of the design. These studs are a good match both with the Y shaped as well as the choker necklace.

Hanging earrings with genuine pear shaped chalcedony stone are perfect for those who like romance. They beautifully underline the elegance of a neckline.

Finally, the last item in my collection is a bracelet with small, genuine, green chalcedony. It is a chain bracelet and is, therefore, very comfortable to wear. You might forget you are wearing it,  but I am sure you will be constantly complimented on this delicate piece of jewellery wherever you go.

I love each and every one of my collection items and I cannot say which of them is my favourite. I hope that you will also fall in love with them.

Now it is only one month to wait for the whole collection. But I will soon share with You some photos of other samples.

Every piece of jewellery tells a story (gem Hunt).

It' s time to tell Your story.

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