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Chrome Chalcedony in the Green Berry Collection

Are you looking forward to summer? Me too!  However, there is another exciting thing I am anxiously waiting for - my first Green Berry jewellery collection which is arriving in June. This mini collection will consist of five items: two necklaces (one casual and one occasion wear), two sets of earrings and a bracelet. Each piece of jewellery will compliment one another and all together they will make a unique set. I will use three shapes of chalcedony: round, oval and pear.

It is common for jewellers to improve the appearance of gemstones by having facets cut into them which allows to reflect light. However, as I am not a huge fan of faceted stones, I will be using polished stones (called cabochon) in my collection.

The first image presents faceted, cushion shape stone and in the second image you can see cabochon, pear shape stone. Do you have your own preferences regarding stone shapes?

A smile is the prettiest jewellery you can wear.

Wear it every day.

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